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Underinsured And Uninsured Motorist Claims

Last updated on October 19, 2023

Drivers who injure people while operating without insurance or with improper coverage can be held accountable for their irresponsibility.

If you are wondering how to handle your accident case, talk to a lawyer who is thoroughly experienced with uninsured and underinsured motorist claims. Talk to Ferolie & Perrecone, Ltd., in Rockford, Illinois. Our practice is limited to injury and death cases.

Effective Representation In Difficult Car Crash Cases

At Ferolie & Perrecone, Ltd., we have successfully litigated countless car crash cases involving uninsured and underinsured drivers. We know the frustration families experience when someone else’s irresponsibility causes them pain and hassles. Trial attorney Frank A. Perrecone has presided as an arbitrator in arbitration panels that decide such cases. He has also successfully handled countless accident claims involving:

  • Collisions in which an injured victim suffered serious head or spinal cord injuries
  • Fatal injuries
  • Drivers whose insurance was inadequate to cover bodily injury or loss of life
  • Hit-and-run accidents
  • Motorcyclists who were injured by a motorist without insurance

Every situation is different. Make sure you speak with an attorney about your matter so you understand your rights and options for proceeding.

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